15 Years of Bone Marrow Education and Awareness

ABMW was granted 501c3 status from the Internal Revenue Service December 2003. Since its inception, ABMW has registered more than 10,500 potential donors for the NMDP (Be the Match) registry and educated more than 9,000 minorities (people of color) to increase awareness about the critical need for bone marrow.

We have reached more than 12,500 individuals with our mission.

The Inaugural "African American Bone Marrow Awareness Month" Campaign reached thousands more during our 5-city tour.

In 2011, the campaign expanded its reach to a 10-city tour with several African American museum campaign champions committed to continue the mission of spreading the word annually in their venues.

In 2012, more family reunions, museums, and media outlets that reach the target population embraced this movement and worked more closely with their local communities to provide a more personable, trusting bone marrow awareness approach.  

ABMW has grown from a donor led organization to one that actively engages the partnerships and in-kind support of health care professionals (physicians, radiologists, organ transplant specialists, psychologists), bone marrow donors and recipients, and community advocates who are determined to help expand and cultivate healthy family legacies among the most under-served and under represented racial ethnic groups on the national bone marrow registry.

Meeting and working with families helps A Bone Marrow Wish refuel and continue its mission of building legacies, one family at a time.

2015 marks the 12th year anniversary of A Bone Marrow Wish organization's founding. 

Mission and Vision

About Us

Our Mission is to provide education and awareness about bone marrow to the most under-represented groups on the national registry – Asian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans.

Our Vision is to increase awareness and eliminate the huge racial ethnic gap of potential donors on the registry.

John C. Frierson founded A Bone Marrow Wish (ABMW) in November 2003, after registering at a drive hosted at his church (Fellowship Chapel, Detroit, Michigan) for a local fire fighter in October 2002. Six months later he was chosen to save the life of a young boy.

The bone marrow transplant was successfully completed in June 2003. The process was so non-evasive that John was inspired to share the critical need for minorities (especially African Americans) to join the National Marrow Donor Program - NMDP (Be the Match) registry using an innovative outreach approach that meets the target group in convenient places they frequent most.

Email: info @bonemarrowwish.org

Mail: P.O. Box 21554, Detroit, MI 48221

Phone: 313-575-9100