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Governor Jennifer Granholm acknowledged June 3rd as African American Bone Marrow Day in the State of Michigan.

This was a great honor as we approached our third year anniversary.

This day of awareness attracted hundreds of potential donors, volunteers, and financial supporters.

The proposed national legislation for the "African American Bone Marrow Awareness Month" was introduced by our Michigan congressional delegates in July 2006.

Read the AABMAM Congressional Record.


Email: info

Mail: P.O. Box 21554, Detroit, MI 48221

Phone: 313-575-9100

15 Years of Bone Marrow Education and Awareness


A Bone Marrow Wish Organization (ABMW) is a Detroit-based, grassroots, 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization--serving where


We provide education and awareness about the critical need for bone marrow.

  • Don't wait until someone you know needs a bone marrow transplant.
  • Your decision to join the bone marrow registry may save a life.

The BEST match is through ethnicity.  

We are honored to collaborate with volunteer medical professionals, bone marrow recipients, and people who understand

how important it is to bring education and awareness to under-represented groups on the national bone marrow registry.

  • Help yourself or someone you know become better informed.
  • Contact us to learn more about how bone marrow is useful.   We have donors available to speak with you.

African Americans are one of the most under-represented groups on the national bone marrow registry. 

Our donor led nonprofit has worked diligently to dispel myths about donating bone marrow and encourage African Americans across the country to join the registry.

Participants in our awareness events engage in meaningful conversations with bone marrow donors and recipients about the critical need for
African Americans to be proactive and join the registry.  

Partnerships with health professionals, faith-based congregations, family reunions, and museums help this grassroots organization reach thousands of families across the country during its annual tour.

The nationally recognized African American Bone Marrow Awareness Month campaign resulted from the U.S. Congress’
response to John C. Frierson’s plea to do something different in June 2009. Frierson, founder of A Bone Marrow Wish organization, started the organization after sharing his marrow to save the life of a young boy the same age as his youngest son.  

“The bone marrow donation process was so noninvasive for me that I have made it my mission to carry this urgent message to communities that may be hesitant to join the registry because of myths and other factors associated with donating blood and organs”, said Frierson.

Help spread the message that July is African American Bone Marrow Awareness Month and a time for all racial ethnic groups to share this information to help increase the registry, find more bone marrow donor matches, and save lives.  


Contact A Bone Marrow Wish at or 313-575-9100 to learn more about participating, volunteering, or donating to the African American Bone Marrow Awareness Campaign Tour.